MedPharma Web based Profile and Self Managed Page (Online)

At we appreciate your value and quality of services rendered by you. MedPharma offers you your own Profile page and your pharmacy page with which you can effectively implement your customer management policy . You can check the patient profile, even his medical history, if available, and possibly the treatment he is undergoing now. We automatically verify the patient’s phone number and email id to avoid fake appointment booking. Patients from anywhere in the world can search & view your profile, see your availability and book an appointment in the available slot instantly. Both ways SMS/Email confirmation communications about the appointments are sent in an instant.

This allows you to promote your pharmacy across geographical regions at no cost. This helps to spread your business with enhanced reach towards potential customers. This is a great opportunity to increase ;business at no extra cost. You can even look for customers from other countries as well. Your site visitors can come to know about all the special promotional schemes and discounts that you are willing to offer from time to time. If you are offering any additional care to customers like attendant facility , homecare facility you can also promote the same and get online bookings.

Customers often have queries or confusions while purchasing the medicine. You will be able to support him live through chat 24X7. This convenience provided to customers will surely enhance your brand value and reputation

Even if your are providing services at multiple centers the integration of your services is at your fingertips for all the centers involved. Patients can reach you at their convenience and choice and you will have a single window control on the patient flow.

Map pointing the location of your center and route to be followed by the patient to reach you. It will give the distance, landmarks and optional routes as well from the point of start of the patient.

Your profile will be accessible to others by your location , specialty, medical conditions that you may cater to, procedures you are known with.. This is a major solution to your reach and accessibility in today’s world where information dissemination and its flow to the right audience is critical for success

MedKare provides you with Patient Database which is automatically updated with each new patient visiting your online pharmacy and allows you to manage online customer data in accordance to your choice. You now have ready patient profile ,his contacts details, his medical condition records, visit history, test report , medicines prescribed etc at your fingertips at any given point of time if available. New patient information is automatically captured & stored whenever patients book appointments with you over the internet. You can also restrict patient information viewing to other members in your center to ensure patient data security. Low waiting time will result in less queuing and more time to attend more patients.

MedPharma Plus

You are equipped with analytics of appointment data and patient calls and foot prints of visitors which help you in better decision making with enhancing your quality of services for better patient support. Reason\s for no shows can be analyzed You can systematically assess and analyze how patients are booking appointments through your reception , Web or walk-ins and can take decision in accordance to that.

You can design , create and store your own itemized invoices and bills with minimal effort. Any number of types of invoices and Bill can be designed as per your choice. Customization of rates , discounts, tax rates etc for each item and the invoice amount is instantly calculated based on the items added.

You will be provided with facility to maintain your basic stock register along with prices so that the avaibility of stock can be displayed at real time to the customers who want to order.

You can maintain alerts and reminders for customers to require medicines at regular intervals. Caring for your customer becomes so easy and your business boosts.

As an MedPharma plus professional user you will have access to resources of available resources like other practitioners, nursing homes. Hospitals, diagnostic center etc as your in hand resource where you can refer your patients at ease providing them with all available details which adds tremendously to their convenience. You can assist them to book their appointments also if need be from your center itself.

Patient testimonials go a long way in boosting your practice. Satisfied patients can provide testimony in public on your expertise and patient centric attitude. This is a great confidence booster in the new patient’s mind.

You can design , create and store your own stationery and get in printed as per your choice. This optimizes your cost of stationery to a great degree and extent.

Fast, easy, automatic and accurate way to invoice and bills . MedKare will provide you with advanced form with powerful payment gateway to complement your business needs.

Allow your visitors to know about the testing packages you are providing by providing them online when they are deciding on the same. Allow your visitors to know about the discounts and other promotional offers online while they are selecting the center. Compare and buy medical equipments needed by you online.

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