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Please carefully go through these before you decide to access the Website or avail the services made available on the Website by Mednxt. The Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers and the Privacy Policy together constitute a legally enforceable agreement ("Agreement") between you and Mednxt in connection with your visit to the Website and your use of the Services as defined below.

Terms and conditions ("Terms") provided at

The Disclaimer available at ("Disclaimer")

The privacy policy available at"Privacy Policy")

At the outset it has been mentioned that this Service is not an Emergency Medical Service. The content of this website is meant for generalized use only. The contents of this website are not meant for use by patients for self treatment or self medication.


Web based health initiatives of Govt. of India aim at providing timely, cost effective, efficient and economical healthcare services the people of this country. Web based health policy is particularly relevant for masses that have limited or no access to healthcare services in India. To be a part of this great initiative is primarily conceived or conceptualized as a web based health information / informatics services to provide and arrange data/information and other user friendly related services as described in the paragraph SERVICES PROVIDED BY MEDNXT WEBSITE AND MEDNXT mobile application ("APPS") mentioned below concerning Medical Services and remove the unwarranted impediments and opacity or bottlenecks and delay or lack of transparency of information and other maladies which effects the seamlessness of the relation between the Patients and the Practitioners and other Medical Services Facility /Care providers. This is achieved by arranging and organizing the data and information and making those available as per demand and need of the user across the Indian society.


The terms MedNxt Medical eServices Pvt. Ltd include "MMeS", "MMES" ,"" and "" . These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "apps" includes "mobile apps/applications", "Mednxt apps", "Mednxt application" and "Mednxt mobile application". These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "Practitioner" includes "Medical Consultants", "Consultants", "Doctors", "medical practitioners", etc. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "MSP" includes "Healthcare service providers", "Medical service Providers", "Medical care providers" etc and the term shall also include related associates of the healthcare providers who work in the same Practice. It also includes Hospitals, Nursing homes, Diagnostic centres, pharmacies, chemists, druggists, surgical suppliers, medical consumables suppliers, medical equipment suppliers, any kind of medical and health care units, companies or organizations or authorized individuals like Health Care Activists, Counselors dedicated in medical and medical related research activities. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "Patient" includes clientele of the healthcare providers "Patients", which term shall also include general public who search for doctors, specialists, nearby Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centers, Pharmacies, Chemist and Druggists. "You" , "It", "He", "She" , "Family members", "Associates", " Friends" and "individual". These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "User" includes "Practitioners", MSP", "Patients" as described has been above. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "Website" includes "Mednxt", "internet resource "and "" along with its mobile application. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "Content" includes all written text, all graphics displayed, pictures, images, data or information and any other material which is contained in the Mednxt Website or its related applications apart from those provided by external sources or third party service providers including all vendors and partners of Mednxt. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "Software" includes the "Mednxt software" including its different types and its various versions, subsequent editions, add-ons, any ancillary and/or allied or related products including apps developed or services provided or rendered by mednxt inclusive of all files and images, pictures published in the website or any output generated by the mednxt software and the related information and data. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term Medical Advice includes "Medical Consultation", "Medical Advice", "Consultation", "Advice", "Diagnosis", "Test", etc. These terms are used interchangeably.

The term "SAAS" means and includes the terminology "software as a service".


MedNxt Medical eServices Pvt. Ltd having its Registered Office at 5, Arya Vidyalaya Road, Kolkata-700078 and having communication address at 24 Arya Vidyalaya Road Calcutta 700078 is the absolute and the exclusive and sole owner, author and publisher of "" website including its related mobile application. is a web based service to provide the health and medical service for the digital era to come. It intends to keep its users abreast of the related information as regards medical services available at their disposal and to protect them from the problems often faced from lack of relevant information and data at a given point of time.

At the outset it is mentioned that this Service is not an Emergency Medical Service. The content of Mednxt website along with its application is meant for general purpose use only. The contents of this website are not meant for use by patients for self treatment or self medication.

This Site is not a substitute to any kind of professional Medical Advice, Diagnosis and Prescriptions but a mere Informative Service oriented platform utilizing the SAAS model of rendering the services.

The contents of along with its apps are for information oriented purposes only. The Content is never intended under any circumstances to be a substitute for any kind of professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Always seek the advice and physical diagnosis of your physician or other qualified health service or health care provider with any questions you might be having regarding a medical condition. You should never try to ignore any professional medical advice or delay in availing such advice as because you have read or referred to something that is mentioned in the Mednxt Site. If someone raises or espouses this cause or by any means aggrieved by following the suggestions offered by this site is at his or her own discretion and MMES absolves itself from all its the liabilities in case of such contingencies and exigencies whatsoever. Physical visit for consultations with Practitioners or medical service /care provider has no substitute or alternatives or comparable services.

If you feel you have a medical emergency, please contact a Practitioner or local emergency services immediately. Mednxt does not recommend or endorse any specific medical test, medical products, Practitioners, MSP, procedures, opinions, or other data or information that may be mentioned on the Site. If you rely on any data or information provided by Mednxt, Mednxt employees, others displayed in the site at the request or by the specific invitation of Mednxt, or provided by the other visitors or guests to the Site will be done at your own risk only. Exercising your personal discretion in this regard is mandatory.

The Site may contain health or medical related materials which might be sexually explicit or obscene in nature to someone. If you feel these materials to be offensive, you are advised not to use this site and immediately refrain from accessing this website from the very moment of disliking the Mednxt Website or related apps by you.


MMES owns and operates the services provided through the Website applications including but not limited to those of the brand names :

  1. Mednxt Search or M-Search and Mednxt booking or M-booking
  2. Mednxt Organizer or M-Organizers
  3. Mednxt Scheduler or M-Schedulers
  4. Mednxt Alerts or M-Alerts
  5. Mednxt Reminders or M-Reminders
  6. Mednxt Electronic Personal Health Report (M-EPHR)
  7. Mednxt e-prescription or M-ePrescription
  8. Med e-Help or Mednxt e-help
  9. Med e-Assist
  10. Mednxt e-calc or Mednxt e-calculator
  11. MedComm Or Mednxt communication
  12. M-Knowledge or Mednxt knowledge
  13. M-Knoware or Mednxt Know ware
  14. M-Locator or Mednxt Locator
  15. Mednxt expense planner or M-explanner
  16. Mednxt analytics or M-analytics
  17. Mednxt Billing and invoicing system or M-BIS
  18. Mednxt Stock Register or M-Stock
  19. Mednxt medicine Tracker or M-Tracker
  20. Mednxt cost estimator or M-Estimator
  21. Mednxt pay or M-Pay
  22. Medkare
  23. MedPrac
  24. MedHealth
  25. MedPro
  26. Medpharma
  27. MyMed
  28. E-Clinic


MMES provides its services applying the SaaS model. Hosting of user related data and information will be done as provided by the users without checking the authenticity, veracity and accuracy of the information provided by them. However in certain cases where it is legally mandatory such checking and authenticating and validating will be done as per the laws of the country.


According to Section 43A of the Information Technology Act 2000 ( amended in 2008), the Privacy policy Act 2011 and the proposed Privacy policy 2015 Regulation 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures, Sensitive Personal Information Rules of 2011; and Regulation 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 encompasses the following :

Type of information collected from the Website guests, visitors and the End users, including SPI or sensitive personal data or information;

The objective, means, purpose and modes of usage of such information collected

The mode of disclosure and information and data transfer and share

The parties to whom such disclosure of information and data, share and or transfer is applicable

"Personal information" the way it is defined by the SPI Rules means that " any information that is related to a natural person, which is either directly or indirectly or in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate or an organization is capable of identifying the person to whom it belongs. "

The SPI Rules define the nature what is sensitive personal data or information for an individual in relation to his personal information which relates to his:

  • Passwords
  • Financial status or information
  • Orientation with regards to sex of an individual
  • Medical records related medical history
  • Biometric information
  • Physical, physiological and psychological conditions
  • Personal information received by a corporate entity under a legally valid contract or otherwise
  • Visitor details as provided at the time of registration or thereafter
  • Call data records

Information that is freely available in the public display or more, or public domain or is accessible under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law will not be considered of nature of sensitive personal data or information under provision of the rules. It may also be noted that also the new FDA regulations introduced in 2015, the proposed Privacy Bill 2014, pending bill to be passed in Rajya Shabha no XVIII of 2014, proposed Drugs and cosmetics (Amendment) Act 2015, Clinical establishment Act 2010, Code of ethics as per the guidelines of Medical Council of India and all other legal statutes and regulations of Govt. of India have been taken into consideration while providing these services. Any changes or introduction of new rules and regulations will supersede the present terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer. A 6 months maximum period will be required to give effect to such changes in our website or its related apps.


The applicability of these terms and conditions with relation to the privacy policy encompasses Users of Mednxt. User’s mere use of and even casual access to the Website and to the Software provided by MMES to Users is an unequivocal acceptance of the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. Any user who does not agree with any of these terms, conditions, provisions of this policy is required to leave or rescues or log out from the Website immediately.

At the time of registration certain necessary information and details needs to be submitted for the creation of the user account on this website, which might include SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA as defined in the statute.


MMES does not collect information about the visitors and the users of this Website from other external or internal sources, for example any public records or bodies, or private organizations, save and except for the purposes of registration of the Users The user must understand the meaning and appreciate the reason for such collection as well as the implication of such collection and then only accept and agree to the terms of use in order for MMES to effectively render the Services.

MMES refrains from knowingly collecting the personal data from children or persons who are yet to attain majority by age under the laws of the country.

Personally identifiable information of the patients are those information and data which they voluntarily choose to provide to the Website to describe/identify themselves for the usage of their account and services provided therein.

MMES takes care of any discrepancies, disputes and/or grievances of Users with respect to processing of information in a phased and time bound manner. To avail this facility all such users may send their grievances by sending an email to

Any submission of information to MMeS prior to reading the privacy statements with which the user do not agree in any manner to which such information is collected, stored or used, then the user has the right to access, modify and/or delete all information provided by him to MMeS and which is stored by MMeS by using options provided on the Website. In addition, any Patients may request and enquire from MMES by sending an email to whether MMeS is keeping personal data about him/her, and every Patient can also request MMES to delete and destroy all such information relating to him/her only in possession with MMES with regards to such requesting user.


All users are the sole and exclusive custodian of their own data provided to the site or to the apps and has custodial responsibility for any action related with such data or information provided by him/her/it.

Users have the right to access, edit, modify, correct, revise, and/or eliminate the data about him/her/it at any given point of time which has been collected keeping in mind consciously and/or in pursuance to his/her/its decision to become a User. If any User updates any of his/her/its information, MMeS may keep a copy of the information which User originally provided to MMES in its archives for usage as documented herein. MMES takes User’s rights seriously and encourages the Users to use them if the User deems this to be fit appropriate and relevant. User may exercise these rights by sending e-mails to MMeS at

However such data or information edit, modification, correction, revision shall not be applicable or allowed if the prevailing regulations and statutes of the country does not permit to do so. For example doctor registration number, issuing authority and date of issue cannot be accessed for any kind of modification or deletion once entered in the system.

The information in its entirety provided to MMES by a "User", including Sensitive Personal Information, is voluntary and might be provided in printed registration forms also. User has the right to withdraw his/her/its consent at any point of time, according to his/her/its own volition in accordance with the terms laid down in this Privacy Policy and the terms of and conditions of use. But it should be noted that withdrawal of consent will not have any retrospective effect under any circumstances .

Always sufficient and reasonable discretion and cautious approach should be adopted at the time of providing information about the user himself/herself/itself and / or their family members or their associated or their employees for using any of the services provided by Mednxt. MMeS does not control or endorse the content, messages or information found in any Services and, therefore, MMeS specifically and emphatically disclaims and disowns any liability with regard to the Services and any action resulting from your participation in any Services, and "Users’ agree to waive any claims against MMeS relating to the same, and to the extent such waiver may be ineffective, and "Users " agree to release any claims against MMeS relating to same. It is emphatically and expressly reiterated when a "User" visits and read its contents and disclaimer and terms and conditions etc he/ she/it should keep in mind the level of communication standard that is available on the Internet .


The data or information collected from user helps Mednxt to operate effectively, efficiently and to provide the user the best possible experiences about the Services that Mednxt renders to him. The user might provide a portion of this data and information directly for example when the user creates the Mednxt account, submit a search query through Mednxt Search , by uploading a document to the online server, or by contacting Mednxt for any kind of support/assistance/help. Mednxt record the interaction with user for example, using technologies like cookies, etc. Mednxt might also obtain data from third parties (including other companies) for analytical and service satisfaction understanding purposes.

The data collected might be also used to communicate with the user on various issues like informing him about his account, security, updates and product information etc whenever it is required. The data can be also utilized to help make the ads displayed to the user for being more relevant and specific to his needs and requirements. Mednxt do not use data or information in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or the user’s documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to the user.

MMES shall not review, share, distribute, or take reference of any such User data except as provided in the terms of use, or as may be required by law. Individual records of User data may be viewed or accessed only for the purpose of resolving an issue of the user, support related matters or suspected breach of the terms of use or as may be required by the rules and regulations of the country. MMES would try its best to take all reasonable steps and precautions in or to ensure the confidentiality of data and store the data safely.

MMES has implemented standard security policies as per Indian statute, rules and regulations along with the necessary technical measures to protect the personal data that it has received under its control from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification and illegal destruction or accidental loss.

All MMES employees and data processors, who have access to, and are related with the processing of sensitive personal data or information, are obliged to respect the significance of confidentiality of every Patient’s sensitive personal data and information and abide the privacy and nondisclosure of such information and data.


All the information voluntarily provided by the users in the form of data, written information or images whatsoever shall be exclusively owned by MMES and their usage also. The basic objective is to provide the user related data and information available through an interaction based platform or /and interactive interface between the users to interact and communicate with each other to obtain solutions and alleviate the delay or hazards often faced by both the Practitioners, MSP and Users say for example fixing an appointment with a Practitioner or assessing the availability/position of the seats or rooms or cabins remaining vacant at a Nursing Home or a Hospital etc.


MMES will not divulge any personal information or data to governmental institutions or authorities unless it is imperative for complying any provisions of Indian law or compelled by judicial order or decree or when MMES, in its sole discretion, considers it necessary in order to protect its rights or the rights of others, to prevent harm to persons or property, check fraudulent activities, removal of any kind of credit risk and to apply the terms of use stated here. MMES shall share your personal data only after receiving your express and unequivocal consent or as necessary for the purpose of processing any transaction o to provide or deliver any service you have requested or authorized. MMES also share data with MMES controlled sister concern, affiliates and subsidiaries. MMES can share data or information with vendors working for /on our behalf or when it is imperative r by law or to address to legal procedure to protect the patrons or to endeavor to protect human lives or to maintain the / sanctity of our services or t o protect the rights or property of MMES.

To avail the services of MMES may require its users to make online payment through debit and credit card transactions or through wire transfer or through bank transfer or through account payee cheque or digital wallet. We shall collect the details of such cards or transactions or account numbers which will facilitate MMES to give effect to necessary invoicing/ billing or payment and account process, such disclosure of the details of mode of payment including but not limited to the use or disclosure of such credit card /debit card/digital wallet number, account number and information to third parties as necessary to complete the billing and payment process and operation. However it should be considered the factum of Verification of credit information shall be furnished and completed by the User only through secured payment sites of accredited or approved by Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India which are generally considered safe and mandatorily encrypted to protect the interest of its User .The user has to use his or her or its discretion and prudence being well aware that financial transaction in Web is not error free or completely safe and secure. MMES absolves itself from any liability and stands indemnified by the User if some fraud happens while these transactions are being made or operated.

Data and information which are not of personal identification nature of the Patients as an individual, is gathered/collated by MMES from Patients (such as, patterns of service utilization etc as described above) and such data is exclusively owned by MMES. MMES may also use such information in collective format or non-personally identifiable form for research, statistical usage and business analytics purposes. MMES may decide on its own to sell or e transfer such research, statistical or analytical data in an summed up collective format or non-personally identifiable format to third parties and affiliates or Associates or sister concern. If MMES wishes to use any Patients’ personal data for any other purpose, it will seek Patients’ permission or consent before doing so.

At times, MMES conducts a User survey to collect information about users' choices and preferences. These surveys are not mandatory and if users opt to respond, their responses are kept anonymous/confidential/ shall not be divulged/not be shared with anyone or entities whatsoever. Similarly, MMES may offer contests to qualifying users (except practitioners and MSPs) where requests are made to users for their contact details or other information like name, email id, postal address, etc for promotional purposes/publicity. This information is not disclosed with any third party, except in summary or collective form. The information that MMES collects in the registration process and through surveys is used to help MMES improve the quality or benchmark of its Services to meet the choices and preferences of users to provide customized solutions. This may include targeting advertising to users about all the Services offered. Information gathered through a contest or competition may also be disclosed to third parties, as necessary, for receiving any prize and/or other aspects of any contest or similar promotional offers or for the purpose of conducting a sample survey or research work. MMES also holds the /reserves the right to disclose or transfer data or information which a User expressly provides, to another third party as a part of reorganization or a sale of the assets or transfer its ownership in full or in part , as is applicable. The entity to which such ownership transfer in full or in part takes place or to which MMES transfers or sale its assets will have the right to continue to use all the user information transferred. Under such circumstances the User cannot raise objections/object in any manner regarding such transfer or share of data / information to the new entity involved since it is a legal compulsion. Save and except as stated above, MMES only uses the personal data or information collected from users in the manner as specified in this agreement in its terms and conditions. MMES may also use such information in collective and or summed up manner or non-personally identifiable forms to third parties and its affiliates. Associates sister concerns. If MMES wishes to use any users’ personal data for a new purpose, it will obtain such users’ permission/ express consent before doing so. To the extent necessary to provide users with the services on the Website, MMES may furnish their Personal Information to third party service providers who are deployed to work on behalf of MMES or with whom MMES is associated to provide the users with necessary services, to help MMES communicate with users and otherwise to maintain the website. Generally these third party service providers do not have any independent right to sell or share any information. But in cases where these third party service providers to provide services on the Website, including the online communications services providers, will have the rights to use and disclose the Personal Information collected in relation to compliance of the provision of these services in accordance with their own privacy policies, terms and conditions. Under these circumstances a user shall not have any right to challenge or raise any objection regarding this once the data or information is expressly disclosed to MMES on the end of Use .


MMES permits/allows other companies, to serve advertisements to the Users. These companies include but not limited to third party servers, advertisement agencies, advertisement technology vendors and research oriented firms. MMES may display advertisements to Users that fits a certain general profile criteria ("Targets"). MMES does NOT use/ utilize personally identifiable information available with it to identify Targets for advertising on its Services as its edifice/ basis. It may be noted here that companies of competitive nature/ having a clash of interest with the basic objectives of the website or otherwise , legally or ethically, or as guided by the code of ethics by the Medical Council of India or by Govt. of India regulations shall not be allowed to advertise in the website. MMES reserves the right to discontinue any advertisement at its sole discretion without giving any prior notice to the users of the website or the third party inserting such advertisement. Medical Service providers furnish individually identifiable information that they choose, to provide on the Website and is used to help them describe / identify themselves. This information is exclusively owned by MMES. MMES may utilize such information for commercial purposes and in a collective and summed up manner or non-personally identifiable form for research, statistical usage and business analytics purposes. MMES may decide to sell or such research, statistical or analytical data in a collective and summed up manner or in non-personally identifiable form to third parties and affiliates.


Due to the prevalent level of communications standards prevailing on the Internet, when a user visits the Website, MMES automatically receive the URL of the site from which such user came and the site to which such User is going when he/she/it leaves. MMES also receives the Internet Protocol (IP) address of each User’s computer and/or the proxy server which a user might have used to access the internet , User’s computer operating system, type of web browser being used, nature and pattern of emails and the name of User’s ISP. This information is used to get an understanding of/and track/analyze overall trends to help MMES improve its Service. The relation between User’s IP address with his personally identifiable details is not shared with third parties without such User’s permission or consent or except when required by law/unless there is legal compulsion. Notwithstanding the above, MMES may share some of the collective findings (not the specific data) with advertisers, sponsors, investors, strategic partners, and others in order to help grow /flourish its business. We use cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar other technologies to provide our services and help collect data. Cookies allow us, among other things, to store user preferences ; enable user sign-in; provide relevant advertising; check fraud; and analyze how the services provided are performing and satisfying the users. Mednxt apps might use other identifiers, such as the advertising ID in browsers, for similar objectives and purposes.

It may also be stated that MMES uses the temporary cookies to store certain data (that is not of SPI in nature or any information under the prevailing Privacy Act 2011 and proposed Privacy Act 2014) that is used by MMES and its service providers for the technical administration of the Website, analysis and development, and for proper user administration purposes. In the course of serving or hosting or posting advertisements or optimizing services to its Users, MMES may allow authorized third parties to place or recognize a unique cookie on the User’s browser. MMES does not store PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION in the cookies.


No sensitive personal data or information is automatically collected by MMES from any casual visitors or unregistered visitors of this website, who are merely perusing the site unless they voluntarily and spontaneously provide such data or information. However certain provisions of this privacy policy are applicable to even such casual visitors/Unregistered users. Casual visitors/Unregistered users have to mandatorily read and understand and accept the meaning and /or significance of the implication of the content stated in the privacy statements, otherwise they are required to leave /recues this website on immediate basis.

If you, as a casual visitor or as an Unregistered Visitor and have inadvertently browsed any page of this Website prior to reading the privacy statements set out herein, and you do not agree with the manner in which such information is obtained, stored or used, merely quitting the browser should normally clear all temporary cookies installed by MMES. All casual visitors/ unregistered users are generally encouraged to use the clear temp files or cookies or browsing history function provided by their browsers to ensure such clearing / deletion, since MMES cannot guarantee, predict or provide for the behavior of the hardware and accessories of all the visitors of the Website.

You are not a casual visitor or shall not be considered as an Unregistered user provided you /if you have willingly submitted any personal data or information to MMES through any means, including email, post or through the process of registration in this Website. All such visitors will be deemed to be, and will be treated as users for the purposes of this privacy policy, and in which case, all the statements in this privacy policy apply to such persons.


User Information is preserved by MMES on its Server or equipment and on the equipment of its Employees .It can be converted into hard copies or in physical form as and when occasion or need arises. Notwithstanding the mode of storage MMES will keep User Information confidential and will not be divulged unless the following events arise or occur:-

MMES shall make all User information available only on a need to know basis with a pre-condition of strict confidentiality of such information

The function or the utility of the Software is partly to assist the Practitioner and MSP in organizing and maintaining such information or raw data in such cases MMES may be required to retain and submit all such information to Appropriate Authorities if there is necessity of legal compulsion or to Practitioner or MSPs who make requisition of such information

The function or the utility of the Software is partly to assist the Patients in organizing and maintaining such information or raw data in such cases MMES may be require to retain and to submit all such information to Appropriate Authorities if there is necessity of legal compulsion or to Patients who make requisition of such information


The instant Privacy Policy propounded by MMES is applicable only to those Services exclusively owned and used by MMES. However it has no control over the third party external sites or links displayed on this Site or displayed as a consequence of Search results in this site. These external links and sites might have their own privacy and cookies policy or may plant/fix other files or software to collect data , information from the Users in a surreptitious way on which MMeS has no control whatsoever. MMES is not responsible or liable by any means and absolves itself in this regard. Accordingly, MMES does not make any representations concerning the privacy practices or policies regarding those third parties or terms of use of such websites, nor does MMES guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or standard of the information, data, text, software ,audios, photographs, graphics, videos, messages and/or other materials available on such websites. The inclusion and/or exclusion does not imply any endorsement by MMES of the external website or of the website's provider, or of the information on the website. MMES is required the User to read and understand the content of the Privacy Policies of Mednxt website minutely.


The Users acknowledge that the privacy policy stated here is an integral part of the terms and conditions of use and unconditionally agree that becoming a User of this website and its services expresses their unqualified assent to this privacy policy. The visit and any dispute of the user of this website or its application over privacy is subject to this policy and terms of use. MMES may update this privacy policy from time to time, with or without advance notice. In the event there are significant changes in the nature and manner in which MMES deals with User’s personally identifiable information, MMES may display a notice on the Website or send an email to the users, as provided for above. Unless stated otherwise, MMES’s privacy policy applies to all information and data that MMES has about Users and their accounts. Notwithstanding the above, MMES is not required to notify the Users about any changes made in this privacy policy. If a User visits or utilizes the service after notice of changes is sent to such User or published/displayed on this Website, and the User hereby provides his/her/its consent to the changed practices by using the website. During the subsistence of this Disclaimer if there is any statutory change or modification introduced in the existing rules and regulations of the country in this regard and what is also applicable to this policy notwithstanding whether they are not covered or encompassed here or not then such changes shall be applicable to this policy automatically and such statutory changes shall supersede all such previous or redundant provisions.

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